Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what/who is BRAIN SHEER?

BRAIN SHEER was a term overheard at a 3D expo, used to describe the phoenomenon of psychological disconnection between the brain or the eyes, often in the case of an illusion; similar to Suspension of Disbelief in a way.
BRAIN SHEER may also be considered a production company or art collective founded by Steven Andrew Garcia.

Brain Sheer headquarters and CEO
photo: Von Bellingshausen, 2008

director Steven Andrew Garcia and cinematographer Martin Moody
photo: Eric Staniford, 2009

director Steven Andrew Garcia and puppeteer Clark Walter
photo: Eli Quintero, 2009

Steven Andrew Garcia
photo: Eli Quintero, 2010

All media is Copyright Steven Andrew Garcia and may not be reproduced without permission.
 Feel free to send all inquiries to stevenandrewgarcia@hotmail.com

oldest online trace of Brain Sheer/Cosmologic Cinema
Steven Andrew Garcia cine reel

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