Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo Extravaganza pt.6

IT'S 2010, PEOPLE! It's been just about a year since I started this blog as a place to put my photos and videos (that quite honestly are not being published or printed in any literal form like I had imagined. Except for that one Mika Miko show at the Smell where my photos got stolen off the wall... )
Regardless, I'd like to think there's been some good stuff, and maybe some other stuff that's worth glancing at.  New year, new photos.

Ok, here's an assortment of photographs I've shot recently on various 35mm cameras and with my new Canon 7D. I'm not saying that they're all great photos, I'm just saying they're all photos, right. A picture lasts longer anyway, no matter the format.

*even more new photos coming very, very soon...


SNACKS! with
Vice Cooler, Thurston Moore, and Coco Gordon-Moore

Dave Markey and Lee Ranaldo

Steve Shelley

Mike Vidal and Vice Cooler in "Partydogs!"


Lucky Dragons

Avi Buffalo

Arin and Rebecca of Avi Buffalo

Andy Bruntel

Jesse Spears

Drewcifer Roth and his cup of tea

Clark Walter and a few of his marionettes

Me on vacation in Orlando, Florida.

valentines bears

assorted ponies


giant lady legs

*(new music video and show on the way)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok, it's been sort of a secret while it was in development, but now that I'm onto my third episode, I can tell you all about my new show EATS!. But I won't. Instead you get this glimpse til everythings all touched up. I'm trying to start 2010 off right with a slate of new projects, all in post.

Yip Yip "Club Mummy" music video
LA EATS! with Jesse Spears and Deana Uribe
LA EATS! with Hawnay Troof and David Scott Stone
plus Photo Extravaganza pt. 6

for a limited time, you can watch the original NYC EATS! with NO AGE test clip. Then you can say you saw it way back before it was a big thing.