Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just uploaded it a couple days ago and found some very kind words on Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are blog. Stoked. CHECK IT OUT:

This just in:  SUNDANCE calls TOTION "Prehysterical"...
Mika Miko "Totion" (on youtube)

Here's my new video for Mika Miko called TOTION.
This is the second music video I've directed and I have two more in pre-production. It was really fun working with Mika Miko and building dino masks with my friend Clark Walter.

Here's a random Totion T-shirt design (?)I found from someone I don't even know thru Google. It's pretty rad, I want one if they're real

PS. Here are some new photos I've shot lately. ENJOY.

Abe Vigoda.

Jesse Spears.

Hawnay Troof.

David Scott Stone.

Dallas Clayton.

Shepard Fairey and an Obey Tony Alva print.

Shepard Fairey.

Dean and Jim calm the Police at the Smell.

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