Wednesday, January 19, 2011

photo extravaganza pt. 12

I realized I have a bunch of photos I've never shown are some of them.

badger & groundhog

wounded knee

Avi Buffalo

baby camel & guitar

Aska & Shannyn Sossamon

Paul Gondry, Sonny Gerasimowicz, and a steampunk girl

 Matt Amato & Har Mar Superstar

 Diva's dancefloor

 goth party

Vice Cooler

Anthony Anzalone

Jennifer Romero

Hots dogs

Nasa space crab

earth bulldozer

 red iguana

bubble man

NYC cabs adore BP

giant rat

No Age

Ali and Bobb of Best Coast

 Robin and Kevin of Male Bonding

Chloe Sevigny

bowling pals

There are so many others...I'd like to make a little color-booklet/zine. If you're interested in helping with publishing that, please contact me :)

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