Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LKEG benefit in my backyard

My friends Leticia and Walt had been doing L'KEG gallery in Echo Park for a while and I got used to going there to hang out with friends at their art/music/film/poetry shows. They offered me to curate a show called "Death Leopard", and I was exited to do it and be involved but then their neighbor had a fire and it damaged some of the gallery and their equipment. So now it's temporarily closed and Death Leopard has been pushed til May.
In the meantime I figured I'd get all those friends back together and try to generate a few bucks for the cause. If nothing else it'll be fun, it's in my backyard, and you can bring your dog to meet mine.

*update: Thank you to Leticia and Blue Jungle, Keith Morris, Mike Watt and Kira Roessler of Dos, Audacity, Signals, Mapi and Liberty of Paus, all the hoola hoopers, the sidewalk chalkers, and dog owners that came out. I'm uploading some stuff at some point. Here's another perspective of my backyard that day (CLICK)

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